A Cheating spouse and what to look for.


By L, Espinal

Signs of a Cheating Spouse and what to look for. Author by L. A. Espinal

1. When your spouse or loved one keeps their phone close to them at all times and locking their phone.

2. When you spouse keeps their phone on vibrate.

3. When your spouse arrives home late from work on certain days of the week. 4. When you asks you spouse specific questions and she answers with a question.

5. When your spouse is distant and argumentative.

6. You spouse starts to go out regularly with friends.

7. When your spouse alters their work schedule.

8. When your spouse accuses you of cheating.

9. When your spouses bank account expenses go up.

10. Change of attitude.

11. When your spouse asks you for space.

12. When your spouse changes her dress style or wearing provocative clothes.

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